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  (800) 806 7485’s Caryn Greenhut meets with designer Marmol Radziner to discuss his innovative green pre-fab homes.

Here is a super helpful video if you are searching for a modular building, portable classroom or any type of prefabricated structure. This “How To” guide only takes six minutes to watch and Matt Banes points out some tips to using the online form that make it fast and easy to request competitive prices from…

This new video by the Building Systems Councils (BSC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) outlines the benefits of modular home construction — how builders can save time and money in today’s turbulent market by cutting overhead and outsourcing their construction costs. The video shows how modular construction can help builders maximize their…

This video clip from Build TV examines home building trends in the area of modular housing. New modular homes may not be what you think. Modular housing accounts for 40,000 housing starts per year.

Two creative men in Harford County have found a great use for old shipping containers seen at docks that are no longer used — they’re making homes out of them.

Prefab homes are modern, space saving and environmentally friendly.

Container house project keetwonen by, Amsterdam NL

Shows the quality construction, custom design options and beauty of a Westchester Modular Home.

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