The Bishop Hamilton School, a private Montessori school in Ottawa, outgrew its existing facility and needed classrooms for its students in grades two through seven. The new facility had to be aesthetically pleasing, possess a superior heating and air conditioning system, and provide excellent ventilation to keep students healthy. Parents were concerned with the look of portable classrooms currently on the market throughout Canada, and insisted on an upgraded modular school for their children

The Solution!
GE Capital Modular Space provided two Designer Prestige classroom buildings, each 24 feet x 40 feet, for Bishop Hamilton students. The two classrooms, each 960 square feet, provide a superior ventilation system for students, as well as an aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior appearance. The modular classroom project was closely monitored by the Ottawa School Board and was delivered in August, well in advance of the school’s start-up


  • The new classrooms provide a quality product with an advanced ventilation system, creating a positive and healthy learning environment for both teachers and students.
  • A three year lease represented the best financial option within the school’s operating budget.
  • The buildings meet the school’s site constraints.
  • GE Capital Modular Space provided a turnkey solution that did not overburden the school with project management responsibilities.


  • Controlled heating, ventilation, air conditioning system
  • Membrane PVC roof
  • Recessed double door entrance
  • 48′ x 60′ thermopane slider windows
  • Wood exterior finish
  • Fire rated vinyl covered drywall
  • Suspended ceiling, recessed lights
  • Exterior lighting