Modular Building - Planning to Install Handicap Ramp System
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handicap access ramp for trailers and modular buildings

If you are in need of a handicap access ramp for a modular building, portable classroom, construction trailer or mobile home, the following tips, pointers and questions will prepare you for dealing with the local building and safety authorities and local handicap ramp and step suppliers.

If you are reading this you’ve probably been told by a local building authority, architect or modular building supplier that you are required to give the public handicap equipped access to your modular structure using a ramp and landing system that meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) code. This is true in most cases where a modular building will be accessible by the general public, students or employees on a day to day basis. Construction trailers for temporary use typically are not required to comply with ADA guidelines.

Consider the following if you are required by law to provide handicap access and are searching for a qualified supplier:

  1. Planning and Design – sketch a plan of where your modular building will be located and where the main entrance door is. Be sure to identify where existing structures, walkways or parking areas are. If you are like most people a simple sketch on an sheet of paper will work – no need for an architect unless the project is large in size and scope.
  2. Identify how a person using a wheelchair would approach the modular building and enter/or exit it.
  3. If you already have a modular building on site this and #3 apply to you. Measure the width of doorway you will be making handicap accessible. Make note of which way the door(s) swing in or out and the width of each door.
  4. Measure the distance from the ground under the modular to the threshold (bottom plate where the wheels of a wheelchair would roll over) of the door.
  5. Make note if the building site is level or not. If it slopes it’s best to take a few pictures of the slope so that it can be clearly seen by a ramp provider.
    *If you are buying or renting a modular building steps 1-4 can be handled by the modular building supplier who will visit your site prior to delivering a structure.
  6. Question: Will you need a covered walkway? In some cases it’s best to have a covered landing and ramp, particularly in areas where weather conditions can foul the ramp surface and create long term, hazardous conditions.
  7. Use a service to quickly reach qualified handicap ramp fabricators / suppliers in your local area. Be prepared with the information identified above. provides a quick and free pricing service to gather competitive price quotes quickly.

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