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Mobile office trailers and converted steel storage containers are a good fit if you need space for a security guard house, ticketing booth, in-plant operations or other instances where just a few people need shelter and space for their daily work.

Typical Types of Temporary Modular Space

  • Guard House
  • Ticket Agent Booth
  • In-Plant Office
  • Operators Booth
  • Parking Booth

To Buy of Rent?
Modular building, mobile office trailer and steel storage container providers are your best bet for finding small, temporary or permanent office space. If you decide to rent a used model you will have some flexibility in choosing the size, layout, and color scheme of the office based on the supplier’s inventory and service options. Keep in mind that when you return the rental charges will apply to return the structure to its original or “standard” condition. Rental rates vary based on size, length of rental and whether or not you have customization costs amortized into the rental.

Many companies decide to have a guard house or ticketing booth manufactured to their exact specifications. They choose the size, interior and exterior finishes, window and door locations and utility types. This is a good option if you plan on having the structure for a long period of time and want it to perform in a very specific manner. Prices range from a few thousand dollars to far more based on size and specifications. In comparison to conventional construction you will most likely save time, some money and gain flexibility in being able to move the structure in the future.

Delivery and Installation
Guard houses, ticket booths and other types of temporary office structures are very easy to deliver, install and connect to utilities providing you have selected a location that is easily accessible. In most cases the structure will be built on a skid type of floor system allowing for transportation using a flatbed truck and offloading with a forklift. Every provider will know exactly how to handle your delivery needs so be very clear as to where and when you would like to take delivery. They will handle the logistics for a reasonable price or if you have a more challenging type of installation – in other words “a hard place to fit the modular” – it can be done but the price will typically increase for special handling and additional resources if required.

How to Shop for Space?
Finding and calling each of your local modular building, mobile office, and steel container companies can be time consuming. Try using’s free supplier quote form below this article. It takes a few minutes to complete the online form and within hours local firms will contact you with pricing and availability information

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