Temporary Modular Bank Building
Emergency Relief Planning

By: Matt Banes - Friday, April 5, 2013

Modular bank building is popular.
Question: I would like to know how long it will take, if we had a disaster, to get a portable bank building. How long would it take and how much would it cost from the time we ordered the building till it was set up and ready to go. Thanks.

Answer: Dear Reader,

Your question is a common one and for good reason; however, there are too many variables to give you an answer that you can “bank” on 100 percent. I will give you some details and from these you should be able to develop good dialogue with your local modular builders.

In general modular buildings are rapidly deployable for use in emergency situations as long as the user has an easily accessible location for the structure and the necessary utilities (temporary or permanent) to provide power, plumbing and communications for occupants. The larger and more specialized the space required is - the more time consuming the deployment will be. For example, a 24’x60’ modular building can most likely be delivered and installed within three days of an order – a much larger 60’x60’ modular may take as long as ten days depending upon the layout of the structure, site conditions and availability of labor.

In a case where a bank building is required the deployment time challenges increase due to limited availability and special considerations for security and installation. You have two choices, be very flexible and accept what is available from a local supplier or be flexible with your timeline and add weeks to the time frames I just mentioned.

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Here are a few items to consider as you talk to your local suppliers:

1. Modular banks are typically built to accommodate heavy floor loads due to a vault or safe – this requires time consuming installation and enhanced floor load support. Modular suppliers are familiar with these requirements and can give you an estimate of time based on your specific needs. Be prepared to explain what your temporary bank will be equipped with– including some basic information about the vault or safe.

2. What are your special security requirements? The modular supplier will need to know specifics in order to either find an existing modular bank or modify another to meet your needs. Security includes technology and physical attributes such as specialized windows, doors and partitions. Be prepared to discuss these with your provider.

3. Location. Have at least two locations selected for the installation of your modular bank building. If possible have your facility manager meet with modular suppliers to discuss access for delivery of the modular sections, utility locations, parking, handicap access, etc.

Once you have these questions addressed you should be able to obtain realistic prices and timelines to factor into your emergency plan.

I hope this long winded answer will prepare you for discussions with local suppliers.

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