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By: - Thursday, January 24, 2013

 Special changing rooms with lockers can be rented.
 Private change rooms can be built into any modular trailer.
Private shower stalls inside a modular building.
Bathroom and changing room trailer being delivered.
When the need arises for a temporary mobile changing room with lockers or a bathroom trailer with showers most people log on to Google and start searching. Eventually they come across the mobile modular building and trailer suppliers that have listed their firms as being able to provide specialty trailers for rental or purchase. This is a great start!

Mobile office trailer companies and modular builders are experts at solving special space needs for schools, special event firms, large industrial operations and literally any other type of company. Whether the need is short term or permanent these suppliers usually have bathroom and locker units in stock and ready for quick delivery and installation throughout the United States and abroad. All sizes and configurations are obtainable either by finding a used model or having a customized version manufactured specifically for your need.

If you are searching for a mobile change room, shower, locker or bathroom trailer here are some pointers:

1. Know how many people will be using the trailer(s) and how the space will need to be divided between men and women.

2. Will you need to provide handicap accessible facilities?

3. Know where the trailers will be installed and be sure that there will be unobstructed access for each trailer to be delivered and removed.

4. Identify whether you will be connecting to existing utilities or will need temporary power and plumbing (holding tanks for waste and water).

5. What special needs are important (exterior look, interior amenities, heating and cooling, etc.)

Here's a great online tool for getting help and competitive prices from local suppliers that have changing room trailers and all types of modular bathroom trailers available for rent or purchase.

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