One of the most popular questions asked on is “How soon can I get a modular building delivered and installed?” Our primary job is to help people find modular space from qualified suppliers at the best possible rental or purchase rate. When questions about delivery times come up it’s always fun to learn more about the urgency behind a persons need and then break the good news.

The good news is that modular buildings and mobile offices are always available for immediate delivery. The smaller the space the more rapidly it can be delivered and installed. Larger spaces will take longer to prepare, deliver and install but considering all options are the fastest way to get your business, school or church operation up and running.

Mobile office trailers can be arranged for same day or next day delivery and installation typically takes a few hours depending upon the location and whether steps or a handicap ramp are needed. If you have an easily accessible site that is level and just need aluminum steps for entry you are in the best possible position for same day delivery.

Large modular buildings and portable classrooms take more time simply because there are more steps in the process of delivery and set up. For example, a 24’x60′ modular structure is made up of two modules measuring 12’x60′ each. Both need to be delivered, moved into position, set on a foundation, tied down for earthquake and /or wind safety, interconnected and closed up at the roof and floor module lines. Flooring needs to be installed, ceiling tiles put in place and general clean up before furniture, utilities and the access steps/handicap ramp even arrive. Nonetheless, the process can take just a few days for a fair amount of space to be ready for employees or customers.

So the answer is – quickly! If you are in need of temporary space call your building and safety department and ask about permits first. Explain your situation and then visit the price request tool to find a modular building from a local supplier with the resources to meet your need quickly!