For years schools, colleges, churches, daycare programs and other education organizations have been using modular buildings to house students during construction, renovation and emergency situations. Modular building has also gained popularity as an alternative to conventional construction. If you are considering using a modular building here are some of the most important questions to consider before you rent or buy from a local supplier:

1. What type of classroom space is needed (standard classroom, science laboratory, daycare space, etc.)?

2. Are bathrooms required?

3. If there are more than one classroom how will the floor plan be configured?

4. Are there any special needs (kitchen, wash room, daycare style bathrooms and fixtures, handicap provisions, etc.)?

5. What interior and exterior finishes are desired?

6. Where will the modular structure(s) be located on your property?

7. Is a building or conditional use permit required?

8. Is there easy access to the site in order for delivery and installation of the modular structure?

One of the best resources for getting help with your modular building needs and getting the most competitive rent or purchase price is the Price Request Form. The service is free and no strings are attached. Matt Banes at will help you find the best supplier capable of meeting all of your space needs anywhere in the United States.

If you prefer speaking directly to Matt use the Modular Building Hotline at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108.