At we receive a lot of phone calls with questions about what types of modular buildings can be purchased or leased and if they have offices, bathrooms, break rooms and so on. The short answer is that you can typically find used modular buildings with the layout you need, or have tenant improvements tailored to your needs. New modular buildings can be designed to your exact plan.

The most effective way to get the modular space that best suits your needs is to have a list of “must haves” and a floor plan that shows where you need to have the exterior doors, windows and handicap access ramp – if one is required by your local building authorities. If you can email the floor plan to your local modular building suppliers they will have a much easier time finding buildings in their inventory that can meet your requirement. This will also help save you money – partcularly if you ae flexible with where offices, doors and bathrooms are located.

Remember, it is always less expensive to rent or buy without having to make major tenant improvements.

If you are ready to begin your search for a modular building
start by using the free price quote and planning tool. This will connect you to only the qualified modular building suppliers in your city