If you are in the state of Maryland and have been searching for a used modular building, portable classroom, daycare center or other space to rent or buy try using the specialized web site www.buyausedmodularbuilding.com to find discounted models from reliable suppliers.

“Many people report back to us that trying to contact two or three modular suppliers, arrange meetings and make a smart buying decision takes a long time to initiate. I spent 25 years in this business and have finally made this process easier” stated Matt Banes, founder of the web site iModular.com which recently launced Buy A Used Modular.com.

“Other “clearing house” web sites are run by companies with no experience in the modular industry. They simply want to capture leads for anything from modular buildings to solar panels and sell them to the highest bidders. The web sites we’ve created are run by people with vast modular building experience – that’s why we always offer a phone number for free telephone assistance” Banes commented with confidence.

K-12 Schools, colleges, churches, daycare programs and businesses alike have been using modular buildings to solve temporary and permanent space challenges for decades. The ease of installation and quick occupancy are two major benefits that using modular space has over conventional construction. Businesses and schools can rent or buy modular buildings, customize the floor plans and use them as needed and return the structure when it’s no longer needed.

If you are in need of space quickly and cost effectively – think modular.