Modular buildings are used throughout Florida for everything from classrooms to construction offices and the suppliers that sell and lease them are eager for new business. Florida has suppliers that can meet any type of modular need from a small construction office up to large scale school and office complexes.

Here are some quick tips to remember when you begin calling modular companies for prices and availability.

1. Know what you want and where you want to place it. Delivery prices for any type of modular building vary based on size and location. Florida is a big state and delivery charges can add up if you are dealing with a company far away from your location.

2. Choose a local supplier. Sometimes the company in your city has another office closer to where you need the structure. A good idea is to use an online service that helps match your modular building need with the closest supplier.

3. Talk to your local building and safety department about permits. It is my experience (from dealing in Dade County for example) that when you know exactly what is required to obtain your permit getting a modular delivered and installed is much easier and in many cases you will save time and money.

Hope these tips are helpful and make your job of finding a modular building a bit easier. If you would like to talk about these or any other questions feel free to give me a call at (714) 442-2757 ext 108. I provide nationwide assistance to anyone serious about finding a modular structure.

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Florida Modular Building Prices & Tips