People considering buying or renting a modular building often request information about the quality and longevity of the structure and its components. Answering questions about this subject can get pretty technical so for the sake of simplicity and quick reading here are the most important factors to consider if you are searching for temporary or permanent space for a school, business, church or other commercial facility.

1. The idea behind “modular” is to manufacture structures and transport them to one or multiple sites during the useable lifecycle. This means that the structures are designed and built to handle a lot of movement up and down and from side to side. This design feature creates an extremely strong and flexible frame that will last for decades and protect occupants in the event of heavy wind or an earthquake.

2. Designers and manufacturers of modular buildings must meet stringent local, state and federal building codes and in most cases these are the same or very similar to the codes conventional structures are built with. This means structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) codes are adhered to for every modular structure built in the United States.

Used and new modular building questions and answers.

3. If a modular structure is maintained properly it can last as long as any conventionally built office, school or house. Here are the top maintenance priorities (not in order of importance):

Roof – Keeping the roof in good shape by cleaning off debris and sealing leaks immediately are two “top” priorities. Weather and debris damage can lead to many problems inside the structure.

Floor– Heavily traveled areas such as the main entrance, exits or service entries can have a lot of wear on the floor finish and sub- flooring. This can lead to moisture damage and even structural problems over time. Keeping the floors dry, cleaned and maintained will add to the life of the flooring system for years to come. If you have carpet be careful how much water you use while cleaning – this can lead to major water damage and mold issues.

HVAC (Heat and Air Conditioning systems) – Proper maintenance of the HVAC system such as regular filter cleaning and proper usage settings can improve more than just the life of the system – you will have cleaner, fresher heat and air with less noise and a lower electric bill.

Handicap Ramps / Entry Steps and Landings – Access systems such as aluminum or wood handicap ramps and steps should be paid special attention to. Keep them clean and repaired to reduce rust and rot. This will also keep people safe during entrance or exit.

General Maintenance – Keep the interior clean especially around windows, doors and plumbing. Exterior cleaning of the siding, rain gutters and under the structure will also limit the opportunity for damage or infestation.

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