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Since 1998 more than 12,000 companies have used to find used and new modular buildings, modular classrooms, modular offices, modular daycare centers, modular churches, modular locker rooms, mobile office trailers, steel buildings and other prefabricated buildings.

Portable modular classroom prices to rent or buy.

24′ x 38′ Used Portable Modular Classroom
Used 24’x38′ Portable Modular Classroom available in various floor plans for rent or sale.

Used Modular Building with bathrooms for sale

24’x60′ Used Modular Office Trailer
24’x60′ ( 1440 sq ft) Modular Building with 2 bathrooms, 2 exterior doors, 2 windows and HVAC.

We build modular banks.

Modular Bank Building
North American Buildings Inc. can accommodate you with the drafting, design, construction, and setup of a permanent modular bank or credit union such as a bank trailer.

24'x64' Portable classroom for rent or purchase

Portable Modular Classroom 64’x24′ with Bathrooms
64’x24′ Portable Classroom with bathrooms, (2) exterior doors, HVAC, carpet and wood exterior

We build modular banks.

Temporary Modular Banks, Temporary Credit Union, Temporary Bank Buildings
North American Buildings Inc. can accommodate you with a temporary modular bank or temporary modular credit union such as a bank trailer.