Question: Can I have modifications made to a modular building so I get the exact office space I need?

Answer: This is a common question people ask me when preparing to rent or buy a modular building or classroom. The short answer is yes.

Modular building suppliers pride themselves on being able to quickly and cost effectively renovate a modular building to meet the user’s specific occupancy needs. Furthermore, modular structures are built for design changes to the interior walls and for quick changes to exterior and interior finishes. That’s the business of modular.

If you have specific needs for private offices or classrooms, break rooms, bathrooms, lobby space, carpet or tile flooring, window and door locations – just ask your supplier for a price to make the modifications. In most cases a revised floor plan will be drafted for your review and approval. The costs to make the modifications can be amortized into your rental rate or paid for as part of the purchase price for the structure.

The only barriers to modifying your modular building are your budget or making changes that would put occupants in harms way. Either way your modular building sales representative can help you through the process.

If you would like to speak with your local modular building suppliers I suggest using the Supplier Price Request tool. It’s fast and a reliable way to get your modular building questions answered by a local expert.