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Lincoln County Board of Education/Griffithsville Elementary School
Griffithsville, West Virginia

Client Project
When a flood destroyed Griffithsville Elementary School in West Virginia, students, teachers, and administrative staff were displaced. Since school was in session, the District and the Lincoln County Board of Education had to find a quick solution in order to minimize any disruption to the school year and more importantly, the children’s curriculum. The initial solution placed the elementary school students in the same building and classrooms that were being occupied by the students at the nearby high school. Sharing classroom space and combining the age groups was not an efficient solution since it did not create an optimum learning environment and displeased parents.

Client Need
The unpredicted natural disaster created two challenges for the school and the Board of Education. First, the elementary school students needed immediate space so classes could resume as normal. Since school was in session, timeliness was a major factor. Secondly, since FEMA funded the reconstruction project, the Historic House that was located on the campus could not be torn down. Site plans had to remain flexible to work around the momentous structure. The Lincoln County Board of Education decided that the school required a construction solution that was both flexible and fast.

The Williams Scotsman Solution
Williams Scotsman provided the school with temporary classrooms within a month of the permit issue date. Two-11 piece Redi-Plex complexes were installed. Each Redi-Plex unit afforded 7,920 sq. feet. of new space to the school. The building had a drop ceiling, VCG interior walls, vinyl tile flooring, and a Dura-Temp exterior. Williams Scotsman designed restrooms specifically for use by small school children. J-boxes were installed to house a fire alarm system and data cabling for classrooms. Lastly, Williams Scotsman installed anchors and footers, and completed the exterior of the building with steps, ramps, and skirting.

The Result
The Lincoln County Board, the school and the District were pleased with the space provided by Williams Scotsman. As a past customer, they knew that Williams Scotsman could be trusted with the job and could exceed all expectations. Williams Scotsman’s efficient service team and fast construction process ensured future business from Lincoln County Board of Education.

“Under the adverse site conditions, we are very pleased with the timeframe it took to complete the project. They completed the project with speed and efficiency as promised. Williams Scotsman did very well and we thank them.” – David Vickers, Head of Maintenance

Order Received 1/7/04
Delivery 3/14/04
Installation & Completion 4/19/04

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