If you run a construction firm and spend money on job site trailers, mobile offices, modular buildings and containers you know how important it is to save on rental payments. Some contractors rent hundreds of trailers a year for various space requirements and some simply rent one or two as needed. Whether you rent small construction trailers a few times a year or large scale modular buildings for turnkey construction services these tips will help you save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars per year:

Tip 1. Know how long you are willing to rent the trailer. Longer term rentals will always give you a lower rental rate and are a good way of negotiating lower delivery and installation fees. Exceeding the initial rental term can result in costly month to month rates. In the modular business we say that there is nothing more permanent than a temporary trailer!

Tip 2. Be flexible with the floor plan. If you start requesting new offices, different floor finishes and changing door and window locations your one-time fees will increase or your monthly rent will. It’s best to pick from existing mobile office inventory and keep modifications to a minimum. If you need to change a floor plan always try to pay for the modifications as a one time fee.

Tip 3. Keep damages to a minimum or negotiate them out. Keeping a busy mobile office trailer clean and in good shape is difficult but worth the effort. Most suppliers will charge fees for cleaning, repair and replacement of broken or missing parts. Try to negotiate these fees out of the contract before signing. If you can’t change the suppliers contract be sure to have some “house cleaning” rules for your staff.

Best Bet Tip 4. Get multiple prices from local suppliers. Always se who is willing to give you the best renal rate for your office trailer or modular building. I suggest www.iModular.com’s free price quote tool. Submit your mobile office requirement once and only qualified suppliers will contact you the same day. It works!