If you have been considering renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom you probably have questions about what size of a structure to order. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the space will directly effect your student’s learning environment. Providing students and teachers with adequate space to teach and learn should be at the top of your priority list – no matter what type of classroom you are providing.

Here are some pointers and questions to consider while you plan your project:

Tip for k-12 square footage: If you are using the modular building for a standard classroom in a k-12 setting we suggest using 30 square feet per student as a benchmark.

Tip for daycare center square footage: If you are setting up a daycare center use a minimum of 35 square feet per child indoors and have 75 square feet per child for outdoor play area. *Note – check with your state’s social services department for special regulations and licensing before making any assumptions.

Tip for bathrooms: In a standard k-12 modular classroom setting you may not need a bathroom if you have bathrooms located within close proximity to the modular classroom. Check with your facility manager or architect for code details.

If you do not have bathrooms available for your k-12 modular plan on having at least one handicap accessible bathroom for males and one for females (depending upon age).

Daycare centers should have one bathroom for every 15 children and one seperate bathroom for adults.

Tip for positioning the modular on site: We suggest drawing a simple plot plan showing how you would like to poisition the modular on site first. This wil help you plan for adding a handicap ramp and steps and prepae for things such as parking, walkways and utility connections.

If you would like asistance planning your modular classroom project feel free to use our local Contact a Supplier form or call the Modular Building Hotline at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108. We will help you find the most qualified supplier for your need.