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This product is our very own modular wheelchair ramp. 

Designed to be user friendly and virtually maintenance free.  The "Galv-Alum" ramp system has an all aluminum ramp structure with galvanized steel handrails.  The purpose for the galvanized handrails with an aluminum ramp is to keep cost down in today's ramp market and allow for a much stronger system.

This is manufactured in three(3) facilities across the country located in Georgia, Texas and California.  This allows us to keep inventory spread out across the country whch means faster shipping time to you when it's needed most and faster than your average ramp company.

Give us a call today at 1-888-790-9269 and let us quote your next project.

laying parts out 12' ramp system with a 5x8 landing at the door. We have laid the parts out in the lawn before we begin. Start Time 9:00 AM Set up in 1 hour 10:00 AM, 1 hour later and the ramp is in place.
Patient using ramp 10:10 AM. End user is trying out the finished ramp. This system is considered a temporary ramp and this ramp layout could be removed in less than 20 minutes.

At American Access, we like to think of ourselves as a facilitator for our clients – a service to help them experience freedom, know mobility and gain access. We specialize in modular wheelchair ramp sales and rentals


With National coverage and stock in strategic parts of the country, American Access has the ability to respond to your need with a service level that includes 24 hour installation.


The modular ramp system can be configured to meet the demand of gaining quick access into any home. Our wheelchair ramp can remain permanent or be removed as quickly as it was installed.


Our US manufactured wheelchair ramps are designed with ADA in mind.


  • Accommodations for an 18” rise
  • Purchase for as little as $ 1,845.00
  • Rent for only $ 198 per month

At American Access we are the facilitator for our clients- a service to provide and install grab bars or railings to help with the independency and mobility of the patient.

We specialize in Grab Bar installations to assist the patient to experience freedom, know mobility and gain access.

  • Most patients being released from the hospital need some type of support immediately to help them perform the daily functions needed without assistance.
  • Leave it up to American Access to have a qualified contractor who is insured and licensed to install Grab Bars.
  • An American Access installer will meet with the patient to determine how many Grab Bars are needed, what size and proper placement.
  • American Access will provide a detailed quote. Installation within 48 hours upon approval. We specialize in rural areas where most companies won’t go.
  • American Access will supply you with a job satisfaction certificate signed by the patient and sent to you for your records.

At American Access, we like to think of ourselves as a facilitator for our clients – a service to help them experience freedom, know mobility and gain access. American Access works closely with select manufactures of Porch lifts and Stair lifts. A quality product is our main concern when choosing the right product to fit the need. With over 400 contractors working with us, we can provide Access nationwide.

Porch lifts provide accessibility where a wheelchair ramp may not have the required space to be set up. Although a more permanent fixture, the porch lift is a nice alternative. Stair Lifts allow your clients to gain access to levels within their home that maybe difficult to maneuver. The stair lifts provided by American Access are equipped with battery back up systems to provide safe and reliable access.

At American Access, we like to think of ourselves as a facilitator for our clients – a service to help them experience freedom, know mobility and gain access.

American Access is an authorized seller and a certified installer for Liko mobile and overhead patient lifts and the Liko overhead lift system. We also work closely with other manufactures to give you the best options to find the right solution for you.

Patient lifts provide care givers assistance to transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, toilet, or bathtub. It allows the transfer to be made by one person instead of two or more and eliminates the risk of injury to the patient and the care giver.

Liko lifts are unsurpassed in quality and functionality for home care applications. They’re an ideal choice that will ensure years of safe and dependable performance.

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