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 BLU-MED Response Systems



BLU-MED Response Systems was formed in 2004 as a division of Alaska Structures, Inc.

Having become the shelter of choice for the US Air Force EMEDS and US Army Combat Support Hospital programs, it became apparent that Alaska Structures shelters could also effectively meet emergency medical needs here in the homeland.

BLU-MED Response Systems include state-of-the-industry portable fabric shelters, which enable communities to rapidly respond to large-scale disasters with medical facilities when and where they are needed. Our Disaster Medical Facilities ensure a safe, clean environment conducive to advanced-level care in any climate for extended periods of time.

BLU-MED also offers customized packages for outfitting Disaster Medical Facilities with essential medical equipment and supplies.

Alaska Structures has designed engineered, tested, and produced the world's finest fabric structures since 1975. With a new name and several offices throughout North America and Europe, Alaska Structures is continuing to advance the industry it helped create.

The rugged Alaska environment was pivotal to our success, becoming the testing arena for advanced structures able to tolerate extreme heat and cold, high wind and heavy snow loads. They're AK engineered, tested, and certified providing comfort and dependability from the desert heat of Saudi to the ice flows of Mt McKinley.

Our unique fabric structures are modular by design, stronger, safer, more comfortable, are portable or permanent, easier and more economical to mobilize than any other structure, fabric or conventional. Our designs are easily adaptable to military, commercial, institutional, recreational or general public applications. Alaska Structures sets the standard for mobilizing in remote, rugged locations.

Then, as now, our structures are used for nearly every building applications in every part of the world... UN disaster relief facilities, military facilities, aviation hangers, convention centers, medical complexes, warehouses, mining and manufacturing facilities, film locations, theaters, incarceration complexes, housing, retail outlets, hotels, as well as many other applications large or small, remote or otherwise.

Hospital Surge and Isolation Capacity to Address Large Scale Disasters

In the event of pandemic disease, large-scale terrorist attack, or extreme natural disaster, the surge of thousands of traumatized, sick and/or contaminated patients would quickly exceed our nation’s hospital capacity.  BLU-MED Response Systems provides fully-equipped, turn-key medical facilities for meeting patient surge requirements—without compromising vital healthcare assets.

Providing critical access to medical care when and where it is needed.  BLU-MED Response Systems offers portable medical facilities which can be rapidly deployed to the scene of a disaster or other more appropriate locations. Our Disaster Medical Facilities provide a self-contained, climate-controlled, clean environment for practicing advanced-level medical care at the point of need.


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