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Rapid Deployable System




The RDS was developed for the US military as a rapidly deployable and tactical use shelter that maximizes modularity, ease of use, operational effectiveness, durability, and the ability to connect with vehicles and like shelters. Each RDS configuration includes an articulated frame system, integrated fabric, detachable liner and floor. All doors include a vestibule adapter that interfaces with the standard TEMPER vestibule. The RDS is available in three configurations; RDS - 480, -635 and -695. The key components of the RDS frame are: Arch - structural members that connect at the leg and at the peak of the shelter; Leg - lower member of the leg assembly; Leg Sleeve - upper member of the leg assembly; Purlin - structural member that run along the length of the shelter at the eave and at the ridge; and Hub - structural assembly where the tubes of the arch or purlin join.


Mission-ready in just minutes for first responders, medical and surgical suites, Command Post, logistics, operations center, billeting, food service and other remote base operations.  Passive continuous air ventilation system, proven performance on the MGPTS.  Components are compatible and interchangeable across the RDS line.  Detachable end walls allow all models to complex together.  Comes standard with TEMPER vestibule adapter, passive continuous air ventilation system and stove pipe vents.  Fully integrated floor and liner system.

Truss style frame for rugged, durable system.  Does not require overhead lift.  Synchronized gear system designed by Hoberman for faster, easier set up.  Rapid set up with simple locking pin design.  Frame built with hardened 6061 T6 aluminum.  System gear designed using specially formulated Zytel® GFN and reinforced with aluminum for strong, lightweight system.  Withstood testing of 100 sets and strikes and remained operational for more.

Modular General Purpose Tent System
The Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) is a large, modular, pole supported tent that provides versatile, usable space. All sizes are 18 feet wide and 7 feet high at the top of the sidewall. They can be extended in 18 foot increments by adding intermediate modules. The MGPTS utilizes the concept of a tensioned fabric roof to create a structure that distributes wind, rain and snow loads from the fabric directly to the support system. Tensioned fabric structures distribute loads more efficiently with lighter support systems than comparable non-tensioned fabric tents. The use of interchangeable components between different tents provides for great flexibility and site appropriate assembly.

All components including fabric, support system, stakes and transport covers are operable and interchangeable with all other MGPTS and interface with standard military shipping equipment, heaters and environmental control ducts. Compatible with the standard Army camouflage net system, without the use of ladders or vehicles for installation.

Operating Environment:

Rain - Will not pool water and will withstand a minimum of one inch per hour for a period of three hours and wind blown rain at horizontal wind speeds of 35 mph.      Humidity - Is not affected by ambient humidity between 0 and 100% relative humidity.  Wind Load - Can be assembled in winds of 25 mph, when fully erected withstands a steady wind of 55 mph for 30 minutes and wind gusts of 65 mph in three second durations from any direction.  Snow Load - Passes test load of 10 lbs. per square foot for 12 hours.  Sunlight - Withstands exposure to direct sunlight for 18 months and tolerates temperatures up to 160°F.

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