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Portable Buildings for Dwelling

8' x 20'


All portable buildings for dwelling/multi-purpose are manufactured from new, ISO standard steel containers, 8'x 20' and 8' x 40' in size, and carry a 10 year structural warranty. Converted by experienced cargo container manufacturers, our buildings can be transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, helicopters, trucks or rail.

Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, our versatile buildings are ideal for shelters, temporary or permanent housing, portable offices/studios, mining camps, construction housing/field offices, worker housing, portable emergency clinics, storm shelters, military/police posts, forest/mountain cabins, etc. We even provide complete worker "man camps".

Rugged and durable, our units are perfectly suited for disaster relief, emergency housing, and harsh conditions. They can withstand natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Without anchoring, our units can resist winds up to 100 mph; and with anchoring, they can resist winds up to 175 mph.


Six Man Bunk House

There are a variety of models, options, and configurations available. These can range from basic models (with windows, entrance doors, AC 110v/220v electrical wiring, telephone connection, internet connection, two inches of rigid insulated finished walls/ceiling, vinyl floor covering and utility room) to those models with many amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom with shower, bedroom, solar-powered electricity, etc. We also offer shower only units (with 6 showers and 4 sinks); connecting units (great for dining rooms, clinics, classrooms, etc); and custom models.

All models are available for immediate delivery to worldwide shipping ports from our three manufacturing plants in Asia. We also have all models in stock at our facility in Santa Rosa, California for U.S. destinations.

Portable Buildings for Storage

Built with 1 mm thick painted galvanized steel, our 8' x 10' new portable storage buildings are ideal complements to our multi-purpose buildings. All portable storage buildings are foldable, for quick and cost-effective transportation or storage. 16 storage units, folded, can fit on one 40’ flatbed truck for shipping. Excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Disaster Relief & Emergency Housing 

Our company typically carries over 300 multi-purpose portable buildings ready to ship in stock, and our staff will do their best to supply you with the necessary buildings promptly (in the USA or worldwide).

Our multi-purpose portable buildings are an excellent option to provide emergency/disaster relief housing to people dislodged by natural disasters, wars, famine, extreme poverty or any other event.

Much stronger than tents and other common emergency housing solutions, our buildings are all manufactured from new, ISO standard steel containers and carry a 10 year structural warranty. All units have great resistance to natural disasters, including resistance to winds up to 100 mph.).

Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, our multi-purpose portable buildings can provide all the comforts of a "regular" house, like kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room, bedroom/office, AC 110v/220v electrical wiring, telephone connection, internet connection, solar-powered electricity, windows, doors, insulated finished walls and ceiling, finished linoleum/vinyl floor, etc. Our buildings can ship ready for dwelling.

Our portable buildings can be quickly transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, trucks or rail, enabling delivery even to the most remote, inaccessible areas. A great complement for our dwelling units are our portable storage buildings, which provide a durable, cost-effective storage solution.

An Excellent Option for Emergency Organizations

For the same reasons described above (transportability, versatility, resistance, affordability, warranty, etc.) our multi-purpose portable buildings are an excellent option for state owned or private organizations that provide services in areas affected by disasters or emergencies.

Besides their housing capabilities, our buildings can be transformed into workspaces for several purposes like portable clinics, shelters, military posts, police posts and many other diverse applications.

Being prepared for emergencies before they happen is vital for any organization working on the disaster/emergency areas. We invite you to consider our buildings for your organization: Our company is a leading, worldwide supplier of high-quality portable buildings. Organizations may benefit from a discounted price when buying in large quantities. Guided visits to our Headquarters/Sales Outlet are available.

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