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Called a plasthall, rubbhall, rubb building, or tension membrane structure, Rubb engineered fabric buildings have stood the test of time in the most demanding environments around the world. Not to be confused with tents, tension fabric buildings were originally designed as temporary structures for the harsh conditions of Northern Europe. Many Rubb prefabricated buildings have been in service for over 25 years.

About Rubb Buildings

The Rubb Group manufactures prefabricated, portable structures, buildings, shelters and custom structures for many applications. There are two common features: a well-engineered steel frame and a PVC coated polyester fabric cover which is tensioned over the frame to provide a tight fitting shell. Variations include provisions for alternative materials, such as steel cladding or aluminum frame members, but essentially the concept of prefabricated, relocatable construction remains. Rubb structures are available in single spans of 3 meters (10 ft.) to over 79 meters (260 ft.) by any length. Standard module distances vary from 3m (10 ft.) to 5m (16 ft.) Multispan options are also available to provide for even larger structures. Side and gable walls of Rubb buildings are vertical to provide maximum space utilization.

A primary advantage of the Rubb design is its ability to be provided in virtually any configuration to suit your needs.

Other major benefits of Rubb structures are their speed of delivery and erection, minimal foundation requirements and complete relocatability or extension at any time. This portability provides several advantages over conventional structures and allows quick response to changing circumstances. Because Rubb products are so easy to deploy or relocate, an investment in a Rubb structure should never be thought of in the conventional terms of "fixed assets." Rubb buildings are often resold and put to an entirely different use elsewhere in the world so there is never a danger of making a serious investment mistake when you specify Rubb.

Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects. We have developed substantial structures that can be moved about on wheels or rails or even lifted around a job site in fully erected form. We offer a strong commitment to code and standards compliance.

Flexible Design

Rubb's prefabricated, customizable, modular designs can meet a wide range of applications. Low cost of ownership and rapid erection make Rubb structures favored as aircraft hangars and marine storage buildings. Huge indoor surface area and natural lighting makes them ideal as indoor sports facilities. United Nations relief forces and military forces prize their rapid deployability and ruggedness under the harshest environmental conditions.

Efficient Production

With in-house steel and fabric production, Rubb has complete control over the manufacturing process that allows for stringent quality monitoring and cost-effective operations.

Simple Foundation Preparation

One key advantage of Rubb structures is low-cost foundations. In most cases, a concrete pad or ring beam for mounting span baseplates is sufficient.

Quick Delivery and Erection

A small structure can be erected in hours by a crew of three aided by a lift truck with access platforms. Our largest aircraft hangar, with a span of 270 ft., took 9 months from design to hand over.

The Toughest Fabrics

We use only the toughest architectural membranes to provide a durable weather-tight shell that meets or exceeds applicable construction standards. With a wide range of colors and optional corporate graphics, your Rubb building can be both distinctive and durable for years to come.

Frames of Real Strength

All of our steel frame buildings are hot-dipped galvanized and are engineered to provide the highest structural integrity available in the industry.

Doors and Windows to Suit

Doors and windows are specified to meet your needs. Roller shutter, lace up, folding, sliding doors or custom options are available. Windows are available in many options, but are rarely required due to the high level of natural light that enters through the translucent roof.

Environmentally Friendly Construction

Rubb buildings are planning friendly - our 100% relocatable and recyclable designs help to maximize the economic potential of any site.

The Highest Quality

Rubb is committed to supplying structures of the highest quality. Our buildings are designed, manufactured and erected to ISO 9001 registered standards.

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