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Total Systems Provider

Base-X® is the leading provider of rapid-deploying mobile infrastructure for military, homeland, and industrial field operations. Base-X Shelter Systems™ are recognized around the world for its proven product performance in the harshest environments and for its first class training and support. Our full line of products gives you turnkey solutions for your mobile application, whether it is command and control, medical or base camps.

All-Hazards, All-Environments Ready

The heart of all  Base-X® systems begins with the exceptional performance of our patented folding-frame shelter, which is rapid-deploying, light-weight, durable and easy to use. Expeditionary excellence®â€”your lives depend on it, so accept nothing else!

Tactical Military




Base-X® is well-established within all US Military, plus Joint  and  Allied Forces world-wide. Base-X Expedition Systems® are optimized for  expeditionary missions.  The rapid-deployability and versatility  across the spectrum of military operations have made Base-X the clear  choice of military forces world-wide.

Command & Control
Today's military forces demand highly mobile, flexible and survivable C2 facilities. Base-X C2 systems are optimized in every manner to reliably deliver these attributes in the most demanding expeditionary environments and against all manner of threats. In the last tactical mile where 21st century technology meets the warfighter on his own turf, Base-X provides industry-leading operations centers and C2 solutions.

Base-X systems enable the most forward-deployed medical operations ever seen in battlefield history. The superior mobility, flexibility, and durability keep medical units on the leading edge of mobile medical operations.

Our innovative shelters are ideal to meet the needs of medical applications during all-hazards or in any environment. Integral liners with floor provide a clean environment for medical operations. A prewired electrical system and air distribution plenum are standard.

Aircraft/Vehicle Maintenance
Air Base-X Inflatable Shelters are the best solution for aircraft and vehicle maintenance during field operations. Double eyelid openings offer easy entrance and exit of vehicles. Like all Base-X structures, they set up quickly with minimal personnel. The patented design gives a free standing structure that does not require guy wires that are critical to other inflatable structures.

Chem/Bio Resistant Shelters: COLPRO
The Base-X Chemical/Biological (CB) resistant Collective Protection (COLPRO) system is designed with the durability and quick setup of all Base-X Shelters. The Base-X COLPRO system utilizes positive pressure filtration to remove toxic chemical and biological agents and airborne particles on the battlefield or in civil incidents. Extensive testing at Edgewood Chemical Biological Center verified that the Base-X COLPRO Shelter System exceeds military requirements for protection factors.

The Base-X COLPRO System utilizes Hunter Manufacturing filtration technology, developed over decades in close collaboration with the military. The proven LFFA filtration system is fully functional at only 190 pounds, and half the shipping cube of existing CBR filtration units. A High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter removes bacteria, fungi, and viruses at an average 0.3 microns. All Base-X COLPRO shelter liners easily retrofit into existing Base-X frame/outer cover assemblies, enabling current customers to achieve CBR protection with their existing shelters.

Emergency Response

Ideally suited for the demands of homeland defenders and their unique deployable missions - any environment, all-hazards ready.

Leveraging our deployed military systems, Base-X offers a superior product line to the homeland defense market.

Base-X provides maximum versatility for multi-mission use. A single shelter can be configured for medical, decontamination, isolation, rest and recovery, emergency operations center, or personal hygiene with interchangeable equipment sets.

Deployable Emergency Operations Centers
We offer scalable, rapid-deploying command and control systems with all infrastructure and communications electronics.  Systems are NIMS/ICS compliant and capable of being fully operational when infrastructure in the surrounding environment is compromised or down.

Medical Shelters & Hospital Surge Capacity
Compact rapid-deploying contingency hospital facilities for response to a medical surge, a situation requiring off-site medical care, incident deployment, isolation, mass gathering, or population segregation from the fixed facility of potentially contagious or contaminated patients. 18' span, integral electric, integral environmental control, sealed liner to accommodate medical operations.

Isolation Wards
Base-X Isolation Systems employ the most advanced shelter and negative pressure filtration technologies to prevent the spread of airborne infectious diseases. Our patented folding frame technology gives the shelter superior durability and quick and easy setup. Extremely versatile, our isolation systems can be deployed in any tent-based unit or tailored to a fixed facility.

Decontamination Shelters
Ideal for use in any contamination incident, Base-X offers a wide range of shelters from individual to mass decontamination.  Our advanced, patented folding frame technology enables the fastest response to a critical contamination incident.  Modular and scalable shower lane configurations accommodate ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. Wide, stable conveyer systems can be used for patient movement and triage.

Integrated Mobile Systems
Base-X provides turnkey mobile infrastructure through its full line of mobility and support systems. These systems include cargo trailers outfitted with shelters, power generation & distribution, heating, air conditioning, showers/sinks, potable/waste water systems, hospital cots, storage systems and work stations.  Optimally configured; organized and packaged in transit cases to facilitate a rapid and easy deployment. 


Base-X provides sheltering and base camp solutions for any application, any environment and all-hazards ready.  Working in cooperation with our engineering and design staff, Base-X will configure a shelter setup which meets the infrastructure needs to sustain, maintain or establish drilling and mining operations in remote regions where environmental impact and cost are significant factors. Base-X provides not only the sheltering components, but also all shelter support infrastructure needs for personnel including administrative offices and support, housing/billeting, hygiene stations, medical stations, vehicle maintenance and protective site or equipment covering.  

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