If you are like many school facility manager’s and administrators from time to time you need additional classroom space for your school or church. In some cases it is because of overcrowding or due to a renovation project, in other cases it may be due to an emergency situation that has displaced students and staff. Regardless of the reason using a modular classroom to solve a short or long term space need may be the best option for your school facility.

Finding a modular classroom or “portable” as they are often referred to can be a time consuming task – and negotiating the best possible price takes some know-how especially with the amount of competition in the modular building industry. After spending 25 years marketing and selling modular buildings and classrooms I’ve learned a few things that can help you buy smart – whether you need one 24′ x 40′ modular or ten of them. Here are a few cost saving tips:

1. Be prepared to get 3 prices from local suppliers and be sure that you can compare every line item – delivery, installation, rent or purchase price, rental of handicap ramp, rental of OSHA steps, knock down and return delivery.

2. Talk to your building and safety department (if you are a private organization) and understand exactly what the regulations are in your city for using a modular classroom. You can always negotiate a better price if you have your permits or have been given city approval to use a modular structure.

3. Be flexible. If you want to save big be willing to take delivery of any modular classroom a supplier has available without making modifications to the floor plan. This helps with fast delivery and motivates the supplier to give you a better price.

I hope my tips are helpful. As always you can call me directly for more insight and help. I work with schools nation wide and can be reached at (714) 442-2757 ext. 108.