The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tools for Schools Kit (Kit) shows schools how to carry out a practical plan of action to improve indoor air problems at little or no cost using straightforward activities and in-house staff. The voluntary guidance in Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools can save schools time and money so that attention can be directed to educating children.  Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools is co-sponsored by the National PTA, National Education Association, Council for American Private Education, Association of School Business Officials, American Federation of Teachers, and the American Lung Association.

EPA’s IAQ Tools for Schools kit includes

  • checklists for all school employees
  • a flexible step-by-step guide for coordinating the checklists
  • an Indoor Air Quality Problem Solving Wheel
  • a fact-sheet on indoor air pollution issues and sample policies and memos

How to Order the Kit
The IAQ Tools for Schools Kit, individual IAQ Problem Solving Wheels, and Taking Action and Ventilation Basics Videos are available free of charge and can be obtained from the IAQ INFO Clearinghouse (ask for EPA document number 402-K-95-001):

P.O. Box 37133, Washington, DC 20013-7133
(fax) 703-356-5386

CD ROM Version of the Kit
The IAQ Tools for Schools Kit (Second Edition, December 2000) is also available on CD-ROM.  The CD includes all written materials in the Kit, such as the IAQ Backgrounder, IAQ Coordinator’s Guide, Checklists (including the new “Walkthrough” checklist) and other forms in both Adobe PDF and MS Windows Pagemaker 6.5+ format.   To order, call IAQ INFO, ask for EPA document number 402-C-00-002, August 2000.