Client Need:
Fire destroyed the newly completed building extension at St. Margaret Mary School. The school needed immediate temporary space to house their displaced students, avoiding disruption to the school year. St. Margaret Mary also needed to rebuild a school extension. Modular construction was the most efficient way to have their needs met.

The Williams Scotsman Solution:
Williams Scotsman provided the school with temporary classrooms within four days of the fire. With the immediate need satisfied, they began work on the permanent building extension. Using turn-key construction, an eight section, 5,760 square foot Redi-Plex building was installed. The building had a suspended acoustical ceiling, vinyl covered gypsum walls, insulated windows and steel exterior doors. Williams Scotsman installed recessed fluorescent emergency exit lighting. The building was equipped with HVAC systems, fire alarms, a paging system, data cabling and a complete security system. Williams Scotsman constructed a corridor, linking the new building with the existing school. The exterior of the building was finished with Dura-Temp siding, which was painted to blend with the main school building. Custom decking, ramps and skirting were installed to complete the project.

The Result:
The community of Penbrook, PA was extremely pleased with the completed project. “Even the diocese was floored by the quality of the work. Inside and out, the extension is well-built and has the look of a traditional building.” Mike Modica (Building Committee Chairman).