Client Need:
The Regional High School required an additional classroom and cafeteria building to meet the requirements of Phase 1. Williams Scotsman was awarded this phase of the project and was able to assist the school with the project design. Completion of the building needed to occur before the beginning of the coming school year.

The Williams Scotsman Solution:
Williams Scotsman provided a 25,000 square foot, two story classroom building and a 6,000 square foot cafeteria. A hallway, complete with ramps and a handicap switchback, was built to link the new building to the existing school. The classroom building included four science labs, seven classrooms, restrooms, a computer lab, a teacher’s lounge, administrative offices and a large life skills classroom. Built-in custom cabinetry was installed in the science labs. The life skills classroom was complete with kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities. Williams Scotsman installed a computer lab with over three hundred ports. The building has enclosed stairs on either side in addition to an elevator. The twenty-eight foot elevator shaft, was completely constructed at the local branch and trucked to the site where a crane lowered the shaft into place, saving time and money. A new alarm system was installed and integrated into the existing system in the main building. The exterior of the building was finished with brick accents, enhancing the appearance.

The Result:
Wachusetts Regional School District was impressed with Williams Scotsman’s completion of Phase 1 and their ability to provide design-build services. The project was considered a success by the school board.