Client Project:
Y.E.S. College Preparatory School, a state chartered public high school, offering a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, was experiencing phenomenal enrollment growth. At Y.E.S., college is not only a goal, but also a graduation requirement. The dedicated staff and the school’s “Commitment to Excellence” draw students from over forty zip codes.

Client Need:
Y.E.S. College Preparatory School needed additional space to update and add on to their existing campus. The Texas Cooperative Purchasing Network contract facilitated the contract between Y.E.S. and Williams Scotsman. Williams Scotsman’s reputation and ability to offer total turnkey construction gave Y.E.S. College Preparatory School confidence in awarding them the contract.

The Williams Scotsman Solution:
Williams Scotsman provided six individual buildings totaling 13,312 square feet. The structures included classroom buildings, a science building, library building, student services building and a large locker room facility. The science lab was equipped with complete work stations, gas lines and laboratory sinks. The locker room was completed with twelve showers, coaches’ offices and a weight room. They constructed covered walkways and new cement sidewalks linking all the building and providing the students protection from the elements. Williams Scotsman installed an integrated fire system, increased parking, landscaping, and utility extensions on the campus to assist the school with applying the finishing touches. In less than two months, the project was completed.

The Result:
At the beginning of the school year Y.E.S College Preparatory School welcomed its students to new state-of the art facilities. “In the last four years, we have completed three major modular building projects. Williams Scotsman handled the most recent one-they will be my contractor of choice on any future modular ventures.” Richard Shephard (Business Manager)