How To Find a Used Modular Building or Portable Classroom Cheap -

How To Find a Used Modular Building or Portable Classroom Cheap

Used modular classrooms and modular buildings sold by churches and schools.
Here's a used modular office building
waiting to be relocated to another 
school or church.

A Smart Tip for Finding a Used Modular Office Building or Portable Classroom

Here's a tip. Public and private schools and churches use modular buildings regularly to meet their temporary and permanent facility space needs. This can be due to a sudden increase in enrollment, a long-term construction project that will disrupt normal campus life, or even an emergency situation that requires office and classroom space until the facility is back to normal. When these organizations are done using the temporary trailers they usually are willing to sell them at reasonable, sometimes very discounted prices. This can help you save thousands of dollars if you are flexible with the floor plan and finishes of the structure.

So, if you are searching for space and a modular building seems like a good solution try calling your local school district or church organization. Here's who to contact at each type of establishment:

Public School - Facility Manager, Director of Facilities
Private School - Operations Manager
Church - Facility Manager, Pastor

You can also call iModular's Modular Building Helpline for help finding a used modular or to simply get answers to your modular building questions. The number is toll free (800) 806-7485.

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