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Video - Amazing Use of Modular Building for a Childcare Center

If you are considering modular building for your childcare facility or private school building and are concerned that "modular building" restricts your ability to have multiple floors or a modern architectural design - think again and watch this video. I'm sure that your will be impressed with every aspect of this project.

The reality is that modular building is an intelligent and completely modern style of construction. In fact, modular building is so smart that the structure and how it is designed, built, delivered and installed can be used as a fun teaching tool for students of all ages. For example - modular buildings are very similar to the popular children's building blocks named Legos. Each Lego interlocks with another to create larger spaces - just like modular buildings.

As seen in this video, Triumph Modular is definitely "redefining modular building" with the manufacturing and permanent installation of the David H. Koch Childcare Center in Cambridge.

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