Modular Daycare Building Helps Operator Solve Facility Space Crunch -

Modular Daycare Building Helps Operator Solve Facility Space Crunch

An affordable and convenient option - a Modular Daycare Building

Let's face it, if you own a childcare business with multiple locations designing and building a new daycare facility or school can be expensive and time consuming. This may be why more private operators, schools and churches are turning to used or new, custom designed modular daycare buildings and portable classrooms to solve facility space problems and meet enrollment demand in growing communities.

If planned properly a modular building can make a fast and affordable daycare facility.
Using modular building is a smart way to expand your 
daycare business. Call iModular for planning advice 
at (800) 806-7485.
"I've been buying new modular buildings for our chain of daycare centers in the U.S. and am really impressed with the design and financing flexibility offered by the modular building manufacturers. I initially used for help. Matt Banes shared some really smart design ideas, site selection advice and helped me personally save time finding the most reliable manufacturer for our daycare facility" stated a private daycare operator headquartered in Miami, Florida.

If you are in the planning stage for a new facility and would like to learn everything you need to know about using a modular building feel free to call me directly at (800) 806-7485 or start by completing my online modular daycare building information form.