Do portable classrooms have bathrooms? -

Do portable classrooms have bathrooms?

do portable classrooms have bathrooms

Yes. Some portable classrooms do have bathrooms and can easily be connected to existing utilities on your school or church campus. 

This is a popular question that seems to occur more with private schools than public schools that are in need of temporary classroom space. The main reason seems to be that public schools typically install portable classrooms within safe walking distance to existing bathroom facilities. This eliminates the need to have bathrooms inside a typical portable classroom floor plan. 

The calls we receive from private schools in search of portable classroom space have a tendency to include a need for bathrooms and other essential features built into the floor plan. This is mainly due to the fact that most private schools are in need of a turn-key portable classroom solution as opposed to simply adding more space to a large campus with existing facilities. 

Regardless of the floorplan, portable classroom suppliers and manufacturers can easily build male and female bathrooms into nearly any floor plan and do so according to the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines for toilet rooms. The size and configuration of any prefabricated bathroom are dependant upon the number of students and faculty that will be utilizing the space and the overall size of the portable classroom.

Portable classroom with a bathroom

So, if you are planning to utilize one or multiple portable classrooms for your school or church facility, you can include bathrooms in your specifications and most likely get exactly what you need to meet building codes and provide comfortable essential services for students and teachers. 

If you need more bathrooms on your school campus you can also rent or purchase portable bathroom trailers that are equipped with male and female bathrooms. These portables can solve temporary or permanent bathroom needs quickly and in many cases more cost effectively than conventional building methods.