modular building ready for delivery and installation
Modular office building ready for installation.
Modular Buildings are amazing! The concept of being able to order a building or classroom and have it delivered to your business or school campus makes sense on so many levels and millions of people are turning to modular building for this reason. Whether you design and build a new modular building or you find a used model that meets your particular needs, modular building is fast, flexible and affordable.

If you are already convinced about modular building and are ready to start planning and pricing you can start by using the iModular Modular Building planning and price comparison tool. 

Before you jump in and start shopping it makes good sense to talk to your local building and safety department about your plans to use a modular building. This will help you understand what the local laws and codes are with respect to prefabricated structures and give you a general idea of the work  it will take to install a modular building and begin using it for your organization.

Modular buildings are manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be highly customized to meet specific architectural and engineering requirements. In fact, modular building is now widely accepted by the architectural community as a viable alternative to conventional construction because of its ability to adapt to technical design and finish specifications. To add to the benefits, modular building is sustainable and very much an eco-friendly method of building due to technologies that allow for centralized building, detailed quality control and minimized time on site.

Plan for your modular building project
Plan your modular building project
If a new, custom designed modular building or school isn't in your budget then you will be happy to know that there is a healthy amount of used modular buildings on the market throughout the United States and Canada. Many of these structures are in great condition and have a very long lifespan if maintained properly. Used modular buildings are popular because they are often available immediately and can be delivered and installed within weeks of a sales agreement.

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