Architects, Engineers and Your Modular Building Project

Modular building has advanced to an incredible level of design-build sophistication in the past decade. This is due to the growing demand for builders to provide attractive, high-quality, high-efficiency commercial and residential spaces in less time. As a result of this trend, traditional Architects, Engineers, and Builders have started integrating offsite modular building into their mix of services and are offering this streamlined method of construction as a preferred option to all types of clients.

Modular building architectural and engineering design.

If you are planning a commercial or residential building project and are considering modular, you are on the right track. In fact, just as you would contact an Architect in the initial planning stages of a conventional build, it’s a great idea to do the same for a modular building. Most modular building manufacturers have Architects and Engineers on staff, or you can choose an Architectural firm that specializes in modular building like R & S Tavares.

The roles of the Architect and Engineer in a Modular Building project. For the most part, the roles of the design professionals are the same for a conventional building project as those of a modular building project. The significant differences are that the modular building design requires an understanding of the prefabrication process using specifically sized building “modules” and the adaptation of the build to the specific site conditions. Otherwise, you will find that the Architect and Engineer will be focused on your vision, schedule, and budget.

Keep in mind that the more complex your project is, the more thought you should give to hiring a turnkey service provider for more than just design and engineering. A design-build firm that has experience in modular building may be exactly what you need for a large scale single or multi-story modular building, medical facility, school, hotel, or apartment complex.