Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Used Modular Classrooms for Sale Nationwide: Update 2019

Used Modular Classrooms For Sale

Cost to rent or buy a used modular classroom, portable building
24' x 40' Used modular classrooms like
this are available at low prices to rent
or purchase, used or new. 
If you represent a public or private school, church or daycare program and are searching for a used modular classroom to buy or rent - your timing is very good no matter what part of the U.S. you are in.

Why? Because there are an abundance of 24' x 40' and 24' x 60' used modular classrooms available through suppliers and other schools and churches who no longer need the space. This increase in supply is happening because suppliers experienced years of manufacturing, selling and renting tens of thousands of modular classrooms and now many of them are no longer needed by the original customers.

Want to find a used modular classroom in California?

If you are in California and searching for a used modular classroom your timing is good - year round. Since 1998 we have helped thousands of California based schools, churches and daycare centers rent and purchase very affordable used modular classroom buildings. It seems as if this trend is continuing as demand for modular classroom space is always growing... and in the spring and summer seasons this will not stop as more schools will begin to figure out their temporary and permanent space needs.
used modular building for a school in California
Typical 24'x40' Used modular
classroom in California.

What are your modular classroom or modular office space needs? Here are the top reasons why people contact us for help buying and renting modular classrooms:

1. Out of space and need modular classrooms quickly.
2. Adding new educational or daycare programs and need more space.
3. Opening a new school or daycare center and prefer modular classroom space over building new.
4. Current modular classrooms are old and need replaced.
5. School construction has caused a need to relocate students and teachers into temporary modular classroom spaces.

Texas is a Buyer's Market for Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms

Texas is one of the top states for the use of modular buildings and portable classrooms by businesses, schools and churches - and this will remain so for years to come. This may be the reason why I receive so many calls from people in Houston, Dallas and Austin who are looking for a good quality used modular office building or portable classroom trailer to rent or purchase at a discounted price - and there are super deals available if you know what you want and where to look.

Here are my suggestions to every caller that is serious about their need for a modular building or portable classroom in Texas or anywhere in the United States:

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Video Explains The Actual Costs of a Portable Classroom Project

How much does a portable classroom cost?

Portable classrooms have become a regular part of public and private school facilities for many years
and this trend seems to continue as communities grow and school enrollment numbers increase. In many cases a portable classroom...or several...can solve a critical space shortage problem quickly - but how much does a portable classroom actually cost?

Most facility managers have experience buying and renting portables from their local modular building suppliers. However, many schools involve more than a facility manger in the process of planning and purchasing portables which can lead to some surprising facts and figures about the amount of money required to rent or purchase the needed portables and install them according to regulations.

How much does a portable modular classroom cost?

Cost to rent or buy a used portable modular classroom
✅ Key questions answered in the post: How much does a used or new portable modular classroom cost to rent or buy?

Question from a school facility manager: My school is searching for a new or good condition used portable modular classroom for twenty-five students and we wanted to get the best possible price for a long term rental. Our needs are simple - open classroom big enough for desks and some tables, two doors and a ADA handicap wheelchair ramp. I searched the web for modular classroom trailers and made some calls and it seems like prices are expensive from company to company. Any ideas about how much a portable classroom cost?

Response from Matt Banes at iModular: Thanks for asking and for sharing some of the details about your modular classroom space need and pricing question. Here are a few questions and tips that have helped a lot of people in your position.

Are you searching for a Portable Office Building in Texas?

Rent or buy a portable office building
Portable Office Buildings available in
Texas for rent or purchase.
Portable office buildings are for sale everywhere in the United States and Texas seems to have some of the best deals available if you are searching for temporary or even permanent space for your business, church or school.

Why Texas? Portable office buildings, or as many people call them "office trailers" have been rented and purchased for decades by schools, churches, construction companies, refineries, recreation centers and so on...and after time many of these businesses no longer have a need for the portable trailer. The end result is much like a good used vehicle... they are sold as is for a great price. Markets like Austin, Dallas, Galveston and Houston have thousands of portables in literally all sizes and configurations - available for you to buy at rock bottom prices.

If you are in the market to find a portable office or classroom in Texas here is what I suggest you do next to find the best deal:

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Are you trying to sell your used GE Modular Space office or classroom?

Used GE Modular Space office trailers can still be purchased or sold.
GE Modular Space office trailers
on a construction site.
Do you have a used GE Modular Space modular building, portable classroom or mobile office trailer? Or, are you searching for GE Modular Space to buy or rent a modular building, portable classroom or mobile office trailer?

These are popular questions here at because for decades GE Modular Space was the industry leader in sales and rental of mobile modular buildings and thousands of their modular structures are located around the United States with the old signage and phone numbers still promoting the business. You can literally find small 8' x 16' mobile job site trailers all the way up to 5,000 square foot modular building complexes that were built and sold by GE Modular space throughout the 80's, 90's and beyond.

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