Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Trying to find a used Williams Scotsman office trailer or portable classroom?

buy or sell a used Williams Scotsman
Used Williams Scotsman
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Are you trying to buy, rent or sell a used Williams Scotsman modular building or office trailer? 

This is easy if you use the iModular price quote form below or call us now at (800) 806-7485 for nationwide assistance finding the Williams Scotsman office trailer or portable classroom space you need. There are many used Williams Scotsman modular buildings and mobile offices available with various floor plans, finishes and dimensions so start shopping.

  Modular Building Help Line (800) 806-7485
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Do you have a used Williams Scotsman modular building, portable classroom or mobile office trailer and want to sell or donate it quickly? We receive hundreds of calls a year from businesses, schools and churches that have a used mobile or modular trailer and need to sell it to make space available or due to the trailer no longer being needed.

iModular Featured Link: WillScot Portable Classrooms

⭐⭐⭐WillScot Portable Classrooms and Modular School Buildings

This week's Featured Link is to Williams Scotsman's Portable Classroom and Modular School Buildings web site. This is a very well done page that is super helpful if you are searching for a portable classroom for your school or church facility. "WillScot" is one of the oldest and most successful companies in the U.S. portable classroom and modular school market place. They have nation wide offices and have been dealing with public and private school facilities for decades.

What you will like about the WillScot web site:

  You can view pictures of portable classroom models
  It's easy to view and download specifications
  It's easy to request a price quote to lease or purchase
  There is always a phone number visible to call a local sales representative

Portable Classrooms & Modular School Buildings - WillScot

WillScot's portable classrooms & modular school buildings provide an immediate solution for continued growth and changing populations in educational environments.

Modular Construction Video: City of Boston Police Department

Here's more proof why modular construction is a better option than conventional building.

Vanguard Modular has been a successful modular builder in the United States for many years and this video is evidence as to why. Watch and learn how quickly this two story modular building was delivered and installed for the City of Boston Police Department on Moon Island. This project demonstrates why modular building is a better option than conventional construction - it's faster and just as stylish.

Incredible MODULAR BUILDING CONSTRUCTION of Moon Island Firing Range near Boston

Please LIKE & SHARE this video if you found it interesting and useful! Constructed for The City of Boston Police Department on Moon Island, in Quincy, Massachusetts; this 2 story 3,600 square foot modular building was fabricated off-site at a factory in Pennsylvania and shipped in 6 pieces 400 miles to Massachusetts, including over the Moon Island causeway.

Forbes covers Modular Construction on June 3rd 2019

What a great month for Modular Construction in the media. First Secretary of Housing Ben Carson touts the benefits of modular homes on Fox Business News and now Forbes is doing the same! In the article below author Sheri Koons covers all the bases with respect to modular home construction including the speed of building and how eco-friendly this smart way of "manufacturing" truly is.

Enjoy this find from iModular and be sure to share it with anyone considering a modular home or office.

Modular Construction 101

There's still a lot of confusion as to what modular construction is. After writing about prefab construction for quite a few years, I hear all types of theories about modular construction. Many believe the word is synonymous with prefab itself and is often confused with manufactured houses, which meet the HUD code rather than the Universal code and arrive on wheels on a steel chassis.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Watch this video before building a shipping container house in California

Video-prefab shipping container homes in CaliforniaThis video hosted by Ben Uyeda very clearly explains what you will need to consider if you are going to build a prefabricated shipping container home in California. In particular, Ben does a great job of explaining the type of concrete foundation that was best suited to meet his needs and the requirements of the San Bernardino, California building department.
This is also a very good guide for general design and engineering principles for building with shipping containers nearly anywhere in the world.

Building a Shipping Container Home | EP01Permits and Foundation Design

In Episode 1 we will go over the basic considerations for buying shipping containers, explain how we got building permits for a shipping container house and show how we constructed the concrete foundations.

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