What is your used modular office trailer worth?

Find the value of my used modular office trailer or classroom
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The value of your used modular office trailer depends on several factors such as the age, floor plan and features, condition of the structure, condition of the roof and floor, condition of the heating and air conditioning system(s) and the amount of time, materials and effort it will take to remove and relocate it.

Age / Date of Manufacture
This factor is the most obvious. The newer the modular office trailer the better its resale value will be in most markets. Older modular buildings, even if in good condition, will have depreciated to a much lower value. Check your title or the identification tags typically found on one of the ends of the structure or its chassis for the manufacturer's insignia and date of manufacture.

Floor Plan & Dimensions
One of the first questions you should consider before you try to sell your used modular office trailer is whether or not it is a commonly used size and an "in demand" style of temporary building?

For example, a standard modular office trailer with typical interior offices, male and female / unisex bathrooms, heating and air conditioning, standard exterior doors and windows is very marketable. In comparison, a unique floor plan that has special doors and windows, odd shaped offices, shower and locker room areas, large kitchens or anything that was "customized" for a specific user's needs is more difficult to re-sell. Finally, dimensions matter and if you have a standard sized modular building it will be much easier to remove, transport and install at the buyer's location than if the length or width is odd. Typical modular office building sizes in the United States consist of sections that are 10' and 12' in width and range from, 40' to 60' in length.

Condition of the Structure, Roof & Floor
The condition of the modular office's major structural components is important for valuation and occupant's safety and security.

In most cases major problems with the roofing or flooring of the modular are easily identified. Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms that will negatively impact the value of your used modular office:

  • Roof leaks / water inside the usable space
  • Visible daylight through the roof
  • Delaminated floor and wall finishes
  • Mold / Mildew on ceiling tiles, wall finishes
  • Drooping of the roof or floor

* Note: If you have made any modifications to the actual steel frame or roof structure of the modular office trailer you will need to show that a structural engineered approved the modifications. Otherwise you run a huge safety risk that the buyer must be made aware of in advance.

Heat, Air Conditioning, Electrical & Plumbing
Depending upon your location and climate patterns the heating and air conditioning system(s) installed on your modular office trailer can either be in good working condition or completely overworked and in need of maintenance, repair or replacement. This can effect the value and the cost the buyer will need to invest to bring the modular up to comfortable working condition.

If you are positive that your heating and cooling systems are in great working condition there is no need to look into this item. If not, it makes the best sense to call a local HVAC company and have them assess the condition and either complete the needed work or disclose what's needed with a formal price quote.

* Note: Most modular offices in the U.S. will have a Bard or Marvair wall mounted HVAC system. Wall mounts are fairly easy to maintain, repair or replace.

Removal & Relocation from Your Site
The final piece of the modular office resale puzzle is the condition of the site where the structure is currently located. The costs for removal and relocation can range based on the following questions:

  • Does the modular office trailer have it's original wheels, axles and hitches? Check underneath the structure. 
  • Are there site obstacles such as other modular trailers, traditional buildings, or landscaping that will need to be moved or removed to make removal of the modular trailer easier?
  • Does the modular office trailer have wheelchair ramping, custom decking, awnings and steps that will need to be removed?
  • If there are difficult utility connections who will handle these and pay for the permits and work required for safe disconnect
  • What will it cost to return the site of the modular office trailer back to it's original condition?

Finally, if you are ready to sell any type of used modular office trailer, portable classroom or mobile office trailer it makes good sense to speak with one of iModular's experts. Be sure to take quality photos of the modular office's interior, exterior and any other important features and send them to us using our modular building resale tool. If you have the original floor plan and title you should send that as well.

Recommended Supplier | Mobile Modular

Mobile Modular Management rents and sellsMobile Modular Management Corporation rents and sells modular buildings and modular complexes, portable classrooms, mobile office trailers and storage containers in most major U.S. cities. The company has eighteen offices in the United states and has been in business since 1979 providing temporary and permanent modular buildings and mobile office trailers to the government, education, industrial, manufacturing, medical and retail markets.

Mobile Modular has a strong presence in California and Texas where it has a large inventory of portable classrooms and a long history of working with public and private schools throughout each of these states.

Modular Buildings | Temporary and Permanent Prefabricated Buildings

Looking for prefab buildings? Explore customizable Mobile Modular buildings for mobile offices, classrooms and more for rent or sale. Request a quote today.

Modular Church Building Available for Donation in Florida

Northwest Church of Christ in Saint Petersburg Used Modular
This used modular church building is available in Florida.
The Northwest Church of Christ in Saint Petersburg, Florida contacted iModular.com last week to donate their modular church building to another organization in Florida. The modular building has three classrooms each with a private bathroom and three heat/air conditioning units. The church requires that the recipient cover the expenses of removal and relocation.

If you are interested in this modular church building donation please complete the form below or call us directly on the Modular Building Help Line at (800) 806-7485. 
Used modular church building available in Florida for donation

💡Here are some of the most important things you need to know if you are interested in using a modular church building on your campus:

1.) Permits from your local building and safety department are required in Florida. Visit your local office and find out what requirements you need to meet.

2.) You will need to provide wheelchair access using a ADA approved handicap access ramp to any modular building that the public will have access to. Learn about ADA and modular buildings in this post.

3.) Choose a site on your campus that has easy access and is level. This will make it easier to install the modular church building and less expensive. Plan for site work including utility connections for the power, water and plumbing. This iModular post explains site selection and is helpful.

Modular Building donations can be a great way to help churches, private schools and other non-profit organizations that are in need of space for classrooms, meeting areas, after school programs. If you have a modular building or portable classroom and would like to donate it or sell it at below market price to help another organization complete the iModular Donation Form. 

Need more information about modular building? iModular.com is here to help answer your questions and assist you with finding the best supplier for your space needs in the U.S. or Canada. Call our Toll Free Modular Building Help Line at (800) 806-7485.

Vanguard Modular Church Project Profile

Modular church building projects by VanguardChurches and private schools are constantly challenged with finding adequate space for classrooms, administrative offices, meeting areas and special programs like homework centers and after school work shops. In the case study below Vanguard Modular Building Systems gives a helpful overview of a modular church project that the firm completed in Texas.

Churches and schools have many options when space is needed and modular building is quickly becoming the most flexible and affordable solution. Read how Vanguard is making this a fact.

Video | A Teacher's Perspective of a Portable Classroom

portable classroom interior design and teaching
Have you ever wondered what a teacher thinks about teaching in a portable classroom trailer? In this video you will get a very interesting and positive perspective from a teacher who has been educating students for 41 years. His experience with providing quality learning environments for students is well worth listening too as well as how he turns his portable classroom space into a very colorful and comfortable learning tool.

Portable classrooms can solve temporary and permanent space needs on school and church campuses without a negative impact on the learning process - especially when teachers are involved in making a "trailer" a high quality classroom.

💡Enjoy the video below and think outside the "box" when you are planning to use a portable classroom.

Basinview Drive Community School: Portable Classroom Progress

Uploaded by Halifax Regional Centre for Education on 2017-09-06.

Recommended Supplier | Wilmot Modular Structures of Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is home to many of the most innovative modular building and mobile offices companies in the United States and Wilmot Modular Structures is no exception. The video below features Wilmot's modular building, mobile office and steel container rental and leasing capabilities and some great words from the passionate founders Kathy and Michael Wilmot.

Wilmot Modular Structures rents and sells a variety of new and used modular buildings, modular classrooms, mobile office trailers and converted shipping containers. The company also has a strong presence in the self storage rental business in Maryland.

Wilmot is very active in the modular building industry's premier trade association The Modular Building Institute. 

About Wilmot Modular Structures

This is why we do what we do... #WeHelpBuildVisions Phone: 1-800-966-8883 Website: https://www.WilmotModular.com/ Email: Sales@WilmotModular.com

Should You Sell or Donate Your Used Modular Building?

Sell or donate a used modular building, portable classroom, office trailer
Donate or sell that used modular building,
portable classroom or mobile office trailer
that is taking up valuable space. Start Here
When you purchased your modular building, portable classroom or mobile office trailer it arrived quickly and your space need was solved...that was a while ago and now you don't need the modular building any longer. What's next?

This is a very common challenge that many business owners and school facility managers are faced with across the United States and the options are sometimes limited due to time and other more important facility projects. Let's take a look at the most common solutions to getting rid of a used modular classroom without wasting time or money.

Option #1: Sell the used modular classroom at market value.

Is Modular Building Ecologically Friendly? Fact #1

Being "green" is a big deal in the construction business and modular buildings are ecologically friendly for more reasons than most people think. Here is"green" fact #1 about modular buildings, portable classrooms and pretty much any type of prefabricated structure that is designed for human occupancy:

Modular building manufacturing has many green, eco friendly aspects
Building indoors has many eco friendly selling points.
FACT #1. Modular building manufacturing facilities help reduce traffic and pollution.

Simply put, when building materials are delivered to one location fewer trucks are needed. Think about a traditional general construction company that has multiple projects underway within a 200 mile radius of its office. Trucks with all types of building materials are needed to service each and every job site. Now compare that to a modular building manufacturer that can build several buildings per day in the same location. Not only is material transportation reduced but some materials can be stored for future builds which helps manufacturers stay on schedule and be less dependent on same day material deliveries.