Yes. Permits are required in most states when you install a Modular Building or Portable Classroom on your property.

When it comes to renting or buying a modular building or portable classroom, one common question that arises is whether building and safety permits are necessary. The answer is a resounding yes!

If you’re considering renting or buying a modular building, the first step you should take is to visit your local building and safety department. You’ll need to provide them with a floor plan of the building or classroom, the address where it will be installed, and a detailed description of how you intend to use the structure. You’ll likely need to explain your plans to a planner and take thorough notes of the information they provide. If your plans are approved, you’ll be able to use the modular building under a conditional use permit or building permit, as long as you follow the procedures outlined by the city. It’s essential to ensure that you’re following all regulations to avoid any legal issues down the line.

Here is some of the information you should be prepared to discuss:

  1. Where will the modular building or portable classroom be installed on your property? For more information about modular building installation visit the iModular Site Selection and Installation page.
  2. What will the modular be used for (classroom, office, retail)?
  3. Will the modular building have plumbing, if so where will it connect to existing plumbing on the property?
  4. Where will the electrical connection originate?
  5. Is there enough parking to accommodate employees, students, and customers?
  6. What are your plans for handicap accessibility?
  7. How long will the modular building or portable classroom be used?

If you would like to talk about permits and some ‘best practices’ for using a modular building feel free to give me a call. You can use the toll-free Modular Building Help Line at (800) 806-7485.