How can I sell my used modular office or classroom?

You can Sell used modular office or classroom easily as long as you have your paperwork in order and the prefab is in good working condition. In most states the process is much like selling a used car with the exception of your customer being able to “drive off” with the purchase and a few more steps for moving the structure from your site to the buyer’s location.

Here are some of the most important tips to remember if you have a used modular classroom on your school, church or university property and need to sell the structure:

Sell used modular office or classroom

How to Sell used modular office or classroom?

Try to grade the condition of the used modular classroom. Take into consideration how well you maintained it and look for major problems such as holes in the floor or roof, problems with the heating and cooling system(s), rust or other weathering that could lead to structural problems with the frame.

 Are the original hitches, axles and wheels in working condition? You should look under the classroom to inspect the axles and wheels and the hitches may also be stored underneath. No need to worry if these items are missing – they can always be replaced or repaired for a  price.

 Be sure to have as much of your original paperwork as possible. This should include a floor plan, title, original sales contract (optional) and any state licensing information if applicable.

 Be sure to consult with an experienced contractor about how easy or difficult removing the modular classroom will be. Look for obstacles like large trees, existing buildings, utilities, etc. that may create problems for the removal crew to drive the modular “sections” off site after knock down has occurred.

 After you have inspected your used modular classroom and you have a good idea of the costs to remove it from your site decide what your ideal sales price will be and whatever terms and conditions you want to apply to the sale. For example…will the buyer be responsible for paying the removal costs? Who will pay for trash clean up and removal after the modular is gone? What will be the payment terms?

If you are ready to sell your used modular classroom or office and would like some assistance iModular re-markets used modulars throughout the United States. You can start by completing the Sell My Modular Building online form. It takes 5 minutes or you can call the Modular Building Helpline at (800) 806-7485.

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