How to Sell Your Used Modular Office Trailer – Fast!


When you needed office space something prompted you to buy a modular office trailer. Maybe it was the fact that you needed more space quickly or your budget wouldn’t allow for new construction. Either way, when that prefabricated office trailer arrived it solved your space problem, right? Now that you no longer need that used modular office, what do you do with it?

Used office trailers are in demand, especially if they have common office floorplans with private offices, bathrooms, and open spaces that can be used for meetings, or separated into more office space. Add the fact that modular office trailers can be removed and relocated to a new site quickly, and boom, you can solve your “no longer need the trailer” problem and help another company, school or church get the space they need at an affordable price.

So how do you go about selling your used office trailer? At iModular, we get calls every month from businesses, schools, and churches around the United States that need to sell their mobile/modular office trailers and portable classrooms. Our staff spends time walking sellers through these initial steps:

1.) Understand all the facts and figures about your modular building. What year was it manufactured, is it legally permitted by your local planning department, and what are the dimensions/square footage?

2.) Gather your documents! Make sure you have the title or ownership contract, a copy of the original blueprints, and any other documents that describe the modular structure.

3.) Take plenty of photos! Any interested buyer will want to see photos of the interior and exterior of the modular building before they schedule a site visit and inspection. Be sure to capture special architectural aspects of the modular such as bathrooms, door and window locations, kitchen areas, lobby space, built-in furnishings, storage, and exterior details like overhangs, built-up roofing, and siding. Use Google Drive or another cloud service to share the photographs with potential buyers.

4.) Know your target price or be a good neighbor and donate! Knowing what your modular building is worth can be more of an art than a science and that’s why we get so many calls from all types of businesses and schools. Market demand, condition, floor plan, and square footage are all key factors in this process and could make the difference between profit or loss when you sell.

To help our customers sell their modular buildings we go the extra mile by answering questions, providing sales advice, helping to value the asset, and brokerage services to find the best buyer possible. When it’s time for you to sell your used modular office trailer, mobile office trailer, or portable classroom, give us a call at our national Toll-Free helpline (800) 806-7485 or email

As an added service we created the Modular Building Re-Sale Guide. This is a two-page PDF document that is ideal for preparing to sell your used modular office trailer or any other type of mobile/modular building.  Complete the form below and you will receive the form immediately via email from

Need more information about modular building? is here to help answer your questions and assist you with finding the best supplier for your space needs in the U.S. or Canada. Call our Toll Free Modular Building Help Line at (800) 806-7485.

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