Should You Sell or Donate Your Used Modular Building?

Sell a used modular building, portable classroom or office trailer
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Written by Matt Banes

When you purchased your modular building, portable classroom, or mobile office trailer it arrived quickly, and your space need was solved…that was a while ago, and now you don’t need the modular building any longer. What’s next?

This is a widespread challenge that many business owners and school facility managers are faced with across the United States, and the options are sometimes limited due to time and other more important facility projects. Let’s take a look at the most common solutions to getting rid of a used modular classroom without wasting time or money.

Option #1: Sell the used modular classroom at market value.
This option will most likely be welcome, particularly if your finance department wants to recoup some of the funds that were initially spent on the modular. To sell the modular building, you will need the original plans, serial numbers, year manufactured, and a reasonable target sales price. Gathering this information may be tricky, but once you have it, you will be ready to sell your used modular classroom using a resource like

To find the value of the modular, you may need some help from someone with knowledge of the value and potential resale opportunities. In most cases, you can call a local modular building or portable classroom supplier with questions, but this may not work in your favor, especially if the supplier gives you a wholesale (low) valuation.

💡Here are the best questions you should be prepared to answer if you call a modular building supplier to help you with the valuation:

  1. What year was the modular building, portable classroom, or mobile office trailer manufactured, and do you have your original paperwork from the purchase?
  2. What is the current condition of the interior and exterior of the modular?
  3. If you are selling a mobile office trailer, does it have the hitch, axles, and wheels intact?
  4. If you are selling a modular building that has two or more sections, are the sections on a temporary or permanent foundation?
  5. If you are selling a multi-section modular building is it currently assembled or is it disassembled and sitting in storage?
  6. Does the mobile or modular building have any severe structural damage (problems with the frame, roof, flooring, etc.?
  7. Does the heating/air conditioning system(s) work properly?
  8. Are there any obstacles on your site that would make it a challenge for the modular building, portable classroom, or office trailer to be removed?
  9. Are there any liens or other potential legal problems with you selling the asset and transferring ownership?
  10. What is your best sales price for the structure?

Option #2: Offer the used modular building as a donation to another school or church.
This option is more for a scenario where you can no longer spend any time trying to sell the modular, and the structure needs to be removed immediately or, you simply want to donate as a good deed. Either way, you should gather the same information as listed in Option #1 and be willing to negotiate the donation with the stipulation that the recipient covers the cost of the removal and transportation to the new school location.

Regardless of your decision to sell or donate, it’s essential to begin the process of preparing to remove that used modular building before the last minute. At a minimum – get your paperwork in order and know as many details about the modular as possible. When the time comes to make a decision, this will make life much easier on you and whoever the next user is.

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Matt Banes modular building information source

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