Modular Classroom Donation Needed -

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Modular Classroom Donation Needed

Donate your used modular classroom.
Used modular classrooms needed.
Hello and Happy 2018! Just a quick post today about donating your used modular classroom to a church or school in need. There are organizations looking for modular classroom space across the country and many public schools have modulars waiting for a new home. If your school has 24' x 40' or 24' x 60' modular classrooms to donate or sell for a low price please call me today at (800) 806-7485.

Many of the school programs I deal with are in need of assistance and having a modular classroom donated sometimes is the difference between education success or failure, particularly in areas that are economically challenged and lack quality school housing. A modular classroom can make a huge difference in any type of school program - but in many cases the costs are simply out of reach.

Thanks and please share this post with anyone that may be able to help.