Churches Donate Their Used Portable Classrooms -

Churches Donate Their Used Portable Classrooms

Churches, synagogues and private schools donate or sell their used portable classrooms and modular church buildings for minimum prices. Here's how to find these opportunities.

Here at, we receive calls every month from two groups of people - people representing churches and private schools that need a portable classroom or modular church building and people that want to sell or donate a used portable classroom or modular office.

Why is this so common? For decades schools and churches have been using modular buildings during times when they need classroom, meeting or office space, and during times involving downsizing due to decreased membership or enrollment. This has lead to a vast number of used portable classrooms and modular church buildings sitting on properties around the United States - and they need new occupants.

The opportunities vary from state to state based on population and building trends. Obviously, if you live in a large state, there will be more opportunities to find the modular space you need at a very affordable price or even as a donation from another organization. For example, The majority of calls and emails we receive are from Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, and New York.

In some cases a church, synagogue or private school will simply donate their modular buildings to another religious or school organization that needs space - this leaves only the costs for removal, transportation and set up. In other cases, the portable buildings can be purchased for a very affordable price plus the one time charges for relocation and installation to the new location.

If you represent a church, synagogue or private school and need a portable classroom, modular church building or maybe even a modular office, I suggest that you:

1. Contact your local churches and private schools and inquire about their used portable classrooms or call me (Matt Banes) directly at (800) 806-7485.

2. Complete the form below and see if your local modular building supplier has some inexpensive used portable classrooms for you to buy or rent - or at least compare prices and shop smart.