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When does renting a temporary mobile office or modular building make sense?

A Mobile Office or Modular Building can be the best idea for both temporary and long term space needs.

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Sometimes businesses get in a pinch for office space and when they do a temporary modular building can be a great solution. In some cases a small mobile office trailer provides the perfect temporary space for two or three employees during a busy time of the year - tax season for example. In other instances space for several temporary staffers or sub contractors is needed for months or years during a major construction project. Either way, having the option to make a phone call and order an office...or have it picked up for return, is a time and money saving convenience.

The benefits of using a temporary modular building during a space crunch far outweigh the hassle of finding and renting a traditional office. Especially with the floor plan flexibility and ease of delivery and pick up a modular building offers.

Here are a few reasons modular makes sense if you have the space for one on your business property:

➥ Renting a modular building or mobile office trailer is fast and easy. Rental agencies have short term contracts that can fit nearly any budget.

➥ A temporary building can be delivered and installed within hours or days of your order. This comes in handy for last minute space needs or emergency scenarios.

➥ Modular buildings come in various sizes and floor plans. This gives you the option to make a quick choice and schedule delivery. Many of the suppliers rent furniture as an added convenience.

When you need office space think modular. There are several modular building suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada each with an inventory of small 16' x 8', 24' x 8', and 32' x 8' mobile office trailers on up to large 24' x 60', 36' x 60' and 60' x 60' modular office buildings. Most of these suppliers also have specialty modular buildings with bathrooms, lockers and even showers. These are handy for temporary special events, stadium events, and anywhere that large groups of people will be gathering.