Tips and Prices – Handicap Wheelchair Ramps for Modular Buildings

A wheelchair ramp
Aluminum and steel ADA handicap
wheelchair ramp with handrails.


Searching for a wheelchair ramp to provide access to a modular building or portable classroom involves more than finding the best price to rent or buy the system. In fact, this involves some details that you can easily find before you start making calls to wheelchair ramp providers in your city. Plus, there are some very serious Federal guidelines that you need to adhere to in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Here are some important details you need in order for the wheelchair ramp supplier to accurately estimate the prices for the purchase, delivery, and installation.

#1. Is the site where the modular building or portable classroom is located level and easily accessible? The easier the access is and the more level the site is – the less ramp length and landings you will need.

#2. How far off the ground is the bottom of your main entrance door (also known as the threshold)? The lower your modular is to the ground the less ramp length you will need – and this translates to money savings.

#3. Are you going to rent or buy the wheelchair ramp? If your modular building is temporary you definitely want to research rental options. Otherwise, a longer-term need for the wheelchair ramp would warrant purchasing the ramp system for obvious cost-saving reasons.

Remember, it always helps to have some photos of the modular building and the site where it is located so the suppliers can look for potential problems. In many cases, a site visit is the smartest option!

How do you get the best price for a wheelchair ramp? Use our quick price quote tool below and the local suppliers will call you within the hour.

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