Why a 48′ x 60′ Modular Office Trailer May Be What You Need

Find the ideal sized modular office trailer for your construction project headquarters.

48′ x 60′ Modular Office Trailer

If you are searching for temporary office space to use as a construction project office and have eight to ten employees that need office and meeting space a 48′ x 60′ modular office trailer may be a great solution. This modular office model is comprised of 4 12′ x 60′ sections that can be quickly delivered and installed anywhere in the United States.

Here are some reasons why a 48′ x 60′ modular office makes sense:

1. A 48′ x 60′ modular building has 2,880 square feet of space
2. 8 Private offices can easily be built out inside the usable space.
3. There is plenty of room to add a conference room and bathrooms.
4. 2 to 4 exterior doors can be installed.
5. The delivery and installation of a 48′ x 60′ modular office is fast. You can be up and running in 3 days or less if your site is ready for the structure.

Most modular building dealers
have 48′ x 60′ and 36′ x 60′ modular office trailers in inventory and available for rental or purchase. If you request a floor plan change leave some time (and money) to pay for the modifications. Otherwise, you can schedule delivery and installation within days or weeks of your lease or purchase agreement.

Ordering a modular office is relatively easy if you are flexible with your temporary space needs. Once you have your order placed it’s also much easier to order office furniture for your specific interior needs along with essential utilities and office services.

Shopping for the best price and fastest delivery times is always time consuming so set aside a few hours to contact local suppliers and review your price quotes. You can also use our free online tool to get quotes for lease rates or purchase prices from local suppliers quickly.

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