How Fast Can I Get A Modular Office Trailer Delivered?

How fast can I have a modular office trailer delivered
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Written by Matt Banes
How quickly can I get a modular office trailer set up and ready for occupancy?
This is a very popular question whenever a company is in need of a temporary modular office trailer quickly. The answer depends on when you need the office space, how much office space you need, and where the modular office trailer will be installed.

When? If you need a modular office trailer quickly you are in luck because suppliers typically have modular offices ready for delivery and installation. Just don’t be picky – be flexible with the floor plan and finishes and take what’s available immediately. The more you change the specifications the longer delivery and installation will take.

How much space? Modular building suppliers can deliver modular office trailers quickly but the more space you need the longer the process takes. Single, double, and even triple module buildings can be delivered and installed in a few days – maybe less if all of the resources are available. Once you start adding more modules more resources (trucks, manpower, tools) are required to deliver, install and finish the structure. Keep in mind that each module needs to be set on a foundation, interconnected, closed up, weatherized, and then finished inside and out. After connections are done utilities and access steps and/or a handicap ramp need to be installed. No matter how much space you need using a modular building is much faster than any other option.

Location? The best and fastest place to install a modular building is on a level site that has very few obstacles for delivery trucks and the installation crew to work around. The rule of thumb is “easy in, easy out” and when you deviate from this the time and costs almost always increase.

Get started! Now that you are ready to find the right modular and place your order try using this helpful way of getting 5 price quotes from local modular building suppliers. 

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Matt Banes modular building information source

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