How fast is modular building?

How long does it take to build a modular building?

A school facility manager recently wrote to with questions about modular classrooms for an emergency preparedness program he was developing for his district. His question was:

“How quickly can we expect to have portable classroom trailers and mobile offices on site after our initial phone call to a supplier?”

This is a common question from public and private schools, government offices and other organizations that have disaster and emergency preparedness plans either in progress or in place and the modular building industry is always ready to help when space is needed quickly.

The short answer is – within hours the process of delivering modular classroom  and office space can begin. The larger the amount of space the more time and planning is needed for installation, power, plumbing, etc. Some suppliers have rapidly deployable mobile offices trailers, bathroom trailers and storage containers ready for immediate delivery if needed – these types of structures are your best bet for quick shelter.

Generally speaking a modular classroom that has two modules should take no more than three days to deliver and install on a level site complete with a handicap access ramp. Utilities can take the same amount of time or longer depending upon the nature of the emergency and cooperation by the local utility supplier. If multiple modular classrooms or offices are required the modular supplier will need to confirm that resources such as labor for installation and trucks for transportation are available for immediate work in various locations.

At we suggest that you contact your local modular building supplier and work with them to develop a reasonable plan, timeline and budget for your emergency preparedness program.

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