Modular Classroom Design Tips – Reduce Noise, Improve Learning

New Modular Classroom Design Ideas

It’s a fact that background noise negatively impacts a student’s learning and in a modular classroom the heating and cooling system can be noisy unless you specifically request a quiet HVAC system and other noise dampening architectural products.


Over the past thirty years modular classrooms manufacturers have changed many aspects of their classroom designs and reducing interior noise has always been a challenge. In response to “high” demand for “low” noise BARD HVAC manufacturing created its Quiet Climate HVAC series specifically for all types of modular classrooms.

Here are some helpful noise dampening suggestions from our modular building design experts. Follow these if you are ordering a new modular classroom or need to renovate existing portables: 

1. Request a quiet HVAC system. Bard has its wall mounted QuietClimate series and Marvair offers its Scholar Classroom HVAC units. These two firms compete and most modular manufacturers can easily build with either type.

2. Ask your modular classroom manufacturer or dealer about upgrading from the standard windows and doors. Outside noise on a school campus can be a huge distraction for students. Quality windows and doors can make a huge sound dampening difference.

3. Request carpet floor covering in place of the typical vinyl tile. Carpet dampens noise but does add more expenses for upkeep.

4. Inquire about upgrading ceiling tiles. There are tiles available that dampen noise and improve insulation – both are worthy reasons for upgrading. NetWell Noise Control offers a ceiling tile and other noise dampening products.

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