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Are you prepared to discuss your portable classroom needs at your upcoming school facility planning meeting? Do you have a list of key questions and concerns about your plans to install one or more portable classrooms on your California-based school or church campus? The iModular Portable Classroom Planning Guide may be the difference between a successful installation of portable classrooms…or not. To receive this free guide simply complete the request below. You will receive a confirmation email with the PDF version of the guide attached.

If you are like most school facility administrators and facility managers you want to be prepared for serious decisions that involve school classrooms and office space. Decisions that impact students, teachers, and staff require professional analysis and intelligent planning in order to create safe, secure, and high-quality learning environments even when you are planning to use temporary portable classrooms to solve a short or mid-term space requirement. Planning to install a portable classroom (or multiple) may seem relatively easy compared to other major construction projects; however, portables can present some tricky and expensive scenarios if all of the fundamental steps are not considered and planned with expert guidance. This is why  created its California Portable Classroom Planning Guide.

The iModular Portable Classroom Planning Guide is a “first-step” guide that will set your project on the right track from your first meeting onward. While the guide is fairly simple, the answers to many of the planning questions presented in the checklist can lead to more complex and costly facility decisions. For example, are you selecting the best locations for the required portables or are there other spaces that are easier to access and more cost-effective for installation? Or, are you considering the space required for the portable classroom including enough width to accommodate a handicap-accessible wheelchair ramp with decking and adequate space for students and teachers to access and egress the classroom safely and easily?

The iModular guide includes several thought-provoking questions and pointers covering all aspects of using a portable classroom including:

  1. Permits & Planning
  2. Site Selection & Site Work
  3. Floor Plan & Furnishings
  4. Handicap Access
  5. Selecting A Supplier

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Matt Banes modular building information source

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