Used & New Modular Classrooms

Portable classroom delivery and installation.
Modular classrooms being installed at a local school. 

A modular classroom can be the ideal solution for creating a learning environment for students of all ages. Also known as Portable Classrooms, these fast and flexible structures can be delivered and installed on nearly any campus for any type of school, church, daycare, or business that needs space – temporarily or permanently.

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Planning and preparation for a modular classroom installation varies depending upon the nature of your space requirement. For example, if you are a small private school with a need for a few additional classrooms, you can expect less time involved in obtaining permits, preparing your site and having the modular classrooms delivered and installed. In contrast, if you represent a large school district and will need multiple portable classrooms for several campus locations your project will require more time and money – but far less of both when compared to conventional construction.

The top five considerations you should be focused on if you plan on using one or multiple modular classrooms are:

1.) Budget – what are you able to spend, and does it make more sense to rent or purchase the modular classroom?

2.) Floor Plan and Specifications – work with your teachers, administrators, and facility personnel to develop an understanding of the floor plan needed for each classroom and what amenities and finishes will make each learning environment functional and comfortable.

3.) Schedule – when exactly do you need to be able to start using the modular classrooms, and what will it take to meet this schedule?

4.) Site Selection – review available locations for your modular classroom structures with your facility personnel and make smart decisions concerning ease of access, parking, emergency evacuation, and utilities.

5.) Plans and Permits – what permits will be needed to legally use a modular classroom on your campus and what are the associated costs for meeting the guidelines set in place by your local building authority?

If you need one 24′ x 40′ portable classroom or are interested in designing and building an entire modular school campus – the benefits of using modular are endless. Be sure to develop a smart plan and select the most capable modular builder for your project.