Specialized Modular Buildings

Modular bathroom trailer on rent
Modular bathroom and locker trailer.
In many cases a special type of modular building is required to meet space needs. For example, you need a locker room with bathrooms and showers for your school or industrial plant or a emergency response center with sophisticated healthcare capabilities. Regardless of the specific design needs, modular buildings can adapt to a variety of space uses - without losing functionality and speed to occupancy.

Start your search for a specialized modular building by calling Matt Banes directly at (800) 806-7485 or use the Modular Building Supplier Contact and Price Comparison form for immediate answers from local suppliers of modular buildings.

Rent or buy a modular locker room trailer
Inside a modular locker room trailer.
Because you can rent or buy a used or new specialized modular building the options for design and use are endless. Whether you need a small change room or a large locker room for a college athletic team, a modular building can meet the exact space need.

With a modular building you have flexibility! You choose the type of finishes you want installed - including furnishings and fixtures.

Some of the most popular types of specialty modular buildings are:

  • Bathroom and shower
  • Locker space
  • Clean room
  • Science room
  • Change room
  • Make up and dressing room
  • Athletic Team Room
  • Medical Clinics
  • Bank branch office
  • Emergency response

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